Mela’s on the Go for Summer 2016!

Hey guys! Things are really heating up this summer
I just had a great photo session with photographers Theo & Juliet (they are awesome! I can’t wait to share the proofs when i get them!) The photo above is me leaving the session.

We start recording the crowdfunded English Dub of “Skip Beat!” Monday, June 20th with our star, Caitlin Glass! I’m so honored to be working with her and Director and fellow producers Taliesin Jaffe, Jason Charles Miller & Central Command Studios, Cristina Vee!

I also just found out I’ll be joining bestie Cristina Vee at Anime Expo July 3rd for a Panel on “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir”. You can also come see me at San Diego Comic-Con on July 23rd for another Ladybug Panel with the Cast & Producers!


Check back later this month. There will be more announcements coming for some exciting Convention appearances later this year. I’m so happy to have recovered from my broken back (bluch!) and be able to fly more. I miss you guys!!!

Thanks for all the continued support.

Stay Cool. You are Miraculous just as you are!

xoxo – Mela Lee

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