give back

As a professional Vocalist and Voiceover Artist, I won the lottery when it comes to dream jobs. I get to be a voice actor and vocalist for film, television, narration, and games. You might have heard my voice on a favorite sound track, in a favorite commercial, animated or live action series, or game franchise -including Lifeline in Apex Legends, Jade for Mortal Kombat 11, Tikki in Miraculous Ladybug and Kikimora in The Owl House for Disney.

Visit my Spotify/ Apple or YouTube page to enjoy my single with Multi-Platinum Producer Keith Harris, “Another Hallelujah”, as well as my first top ten record, “You are Ladybug” from the soundtrack for Ladybug & Cat Noir the Film (7Million + Streams), as well as my single – “Written in the Stars” releasing November 17, 2023.

My other passions include quantum mechanics, baking, hiking, history, reading, maths & application, travel & learning new perspectives, as well as volunteering for my favorite charities. 

Remember – No matter what the day brings, You Matter, You Mean Something, and you CAN Make a Difference. Find out how valuable you are by helping others in your community or donate time or money to one of my favorite inspirational charities

HOPE Campaign     Project Angel Food     
Wounded Warrior Project     The California Fire Foundation