Lifeline Single for “Stories from the Outlands – Family
Business” hits over 5 million worldwide

Voice Actress And Singer, Mela Lee Explains How The Exquisite Math Of You Includes Your Mistakes


Mela Lee is living the dream – working on projects she loves in an industry that energizes her. Hollywood fame has not come without its difficulties, but Lee has turned her challenges into meaning and works to inspire others to follow their dreams. – READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Overwhelming fan love for the animated film Respawn/ EA released for it’s OG Legend
Lifeline included several stunning reveals. They included “One Weapon a Day” and a
romones reminiscent song from Lifeline’s punk band the Flyer Liars “Lifeline-It’s Ajay
Che” – Sung by Mela Lee / written by Jay Vincent and Jazz Alonso/ recorded at the
world famous Village Studios. Then we had a peek at the early relationship between
Lifeline and Octane (Che & Silva) as well as a face reveal for Octavio “Octane” Silva
that included a glimpse of life before his prosthetic legs changed the game forever.
PLUS a big heartbreak reveal that gives us an idea what drives everyone’s favorite
medic. Her eye is on the Sparrow…

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