Lifeline Single for “Stories from the Outlands – Family
Business” hits over 5 million worldwide

Overwhelming fan love for the animated film Respawn/ EA released for it’s OG Legend
Lifeline included several stunning reveals. They included “One Weapon a Day” and a
romones reminiscent song from Lifeline’s punk band the Flyer Liars “Lifeline-It’s Ajay
Che” – Sung by Mela Lee / written by Jay Vincent and Jazz Alonso/ recorded at the
world famous Village Studios. Then we had a peek at the early relationship between
Lifeline and Octane (Che & Silva) as well as a face reveal for Octavio “Octane” Silva
that included a glimpse of life before his prosthetic legs changed the game forever.
PLUS a big heartbreak reveal that gives us an idea what drives everyone’s favorite
medic. Her eye is on the Sparrow…

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